Beautiful Mountains Around the World

The time has come! You  finally decided to travel abroad and live an exciting and amazing adventure, well, have you consider to visit a mountain during your trip? Our planet is full of wonderful places, natural and stunning sceneries that are either physically challenging or simply mesmerizing in their beauty.


One of the most appreciated and majestic places that mother nature can offer are the mountains and there are many of them around the world waiting to be seen and enjoyed by us, we only have to go to meet them.


Making up your mind


Maybe a mountain is not the first choice to travel, that kind of trip may be expensive, but you can save money for it, get a picture of your dreamed destination and put it in a place where you can see it everyday, that will encourage you to do your best in order to reach your goal. It’s like changing your kitchen cabinet style, you will need to commit to the challenge but the benefits are huge.


As always, some research is needed so that you know exactly what safety measures you need to have a safe trip. You’re going to need basic information about the country in which the mountain is located, the currency, the laws, the health services available in that area, etc.


Which place will you visit?


Mountains can be dangerous, challenging and rough, an ideal destination for extreme adventure enthusiasts, they can be beautiful too, and when you visit them you will feel the magic that has inspired thousand of artists. So visit some of those mountains and fill your heart with the peace and joy that you can find just by being there.


Three of the most beautiful mountains around the world are:


The Sandrock Pillars of Zhangjiajie, in China, this mountains inspired the “Hallelujah Mountains” in Avatar movie, in fact, one of those Pillars were renamed as “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain” after the release of that film.


The Rainbow Mountains, in Peru and China, the Rainbow Mountains are amazing rock formations famous for their stripes in colors resembling a rainbow.


The Devil’s Tower located in United State is an stunning basalt monolith, which is a Natural Monument of United States of America that is located in Wyoming and was used in a Steven Spielberg’s film.


The ancient religious country of Israel is a home of many attraction sites leaving its visitors spoilt for choice of what to do. With so many fascinating stories and places that we have read on the holy book, visitors wish that they can explore the whole country in one visit. Unfortunately, to fully explore Israel you will need more than one visit. The following are major things that you can never afford not to do once you are in this Holy Land.


  • Tour the Old City of Jerusalem

This is a must-see city. The Old City of Jerusalem homes significance and key religious sites written in holy books. These sites include the wailing wall (western wall), the Dome of the rock and the ancient church of Holy sepulcher. You can spend several days in this city and spend them praying, explore the Jesus Christ crucifixion place, and walk through the narrow streets of the city. You will have to see all the places that you have always heard as stories and experience them first hand.

  • Float in the Dead Sea

You never go to Israel and fail to visit the lowest point on our planet. The dead sea is an Ideal place to spend your chill out times where you get the opportunity to float on your back on the warm salt water of the sea. You with enjoy smothering that mineral-rich mad of the dead sea. Remember to have enough memory on your camera. This is a place where you probably have to take many pictures to show your friends once you are back home and also keep them as memories to treasure for your lifetime.

  • Enjoy a sunset on Tel Aviv beach

No other place where you can love to catch the sunset in Israel other Tel Aviv beach. Enjoy walking barefooted on the shores of Mediterranean Sea as the waters laps gently between your toes few meters from the beach. The beach is lined with many cases where you can wind up your days with drinks and food of your choice. You will also enjoy shopping at the beach of Tel Aviv and carry with your gifts to your friends from the Holy Land.

  • Marvel at the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa

Get a chance to visit the most beautiful gardens on this planet. These gardens belonged to the founder of Baha’i Faith, and they attract millions of pilgrims from all over the world. The garden will blow your mind by how they are planted and especially where they are planted. You will love the determination of the founder who planted them purely on the desert and came up with the best gardens in the world.

Every place you go in Israel is rich of amazing stories from the Holy Bible and ancient days. Israel will clear most of the doubts of the things that maybe you thought were just stories and that they never existed. You will get a chance to see places and structures which are older than Jesus on earth.